New silicon photonics player Elenion announces itself

Created January 9, 2017
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Elenion Technologies, a company that is already shipping silicon photonics-based optical engines, has announced itself. Elenion is owned by Marlin Equity Partners, the investment firm that also owns systems vendor, Coriant, and has been active for over two years.

“We are now introducing ourselves as we are getting enough requests that it seemed the appropriate time,” said Larry Schwerin, Elenion’s CEO. “We are developing a platform leveraging silicon photonics but we have other capabilities.”

These areas of expertise include indium phosphide, radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs), packaging, and driver and control electronics circuit design. The RFIC expertise suggests the company plans to address the mobility market.

Elenion’s initial focus is the telecom market where its products are already deployed, with Coriant a likely early customer. “We are also very active in datacom which has a different set of requirements,” said Schwerin.

Elenion is limited in what it can say until its first products are unveiled. What is clear is that the silicon photonics company has a photonic integrated circuit capability that it is using for on-board optics and for pluggable designs such as the CFP2. “We have developed a set of tools and a set of expertise that lets us design very complex integrated optoelectronic systems at the chip scale,” said Michael Hochberg, CTO of Elenion.

The company is targeting optical module makers, systems vendors and the cloud operators and will detail its products prior to the OFC show in March.

By Roy Rubenstein

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