FTTH Council Europe welcomes €500m Connecting Europe Broadband Fund

Created December 14, 2016
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A new broadband fund of at least €500 million has been announced this week (December 12th) to contribute towards delivering an inclusive “Gigabit Society for Europe“ and prevent a new Gigabit-divide happening across the continent from the outset.

The FTTH Council Europe immediately applauded the founding of the new fund, which has the aim of fostering very high-capacity broadband infrastructure deployment throughout Europe. The Council’s announcement stated, “We urge the fund to invest in future-proof optical fibre-based networks in the long-term interest of European citizens and businesses.”

The Connecting Europe Broadband Fund is expected to be especially important for supporting smaller, local fibre projects that have a significant role in ensuring that all communities, whatever their size and economic status, are part of the “Gigabit Society”.

The FFTH Council Europe welcoming statement added: “The universal availability and widespread adoption of fibre networks by end-users and businesses will enable new and innovative technologies while also having a positive impact on job creation and economic growth, in particular in rural communities. Therefore it is of utmost importance that we do not leave anyone behind and prevent a new Gigabit-divide from the outset by fostering future- proof fibre based infrastructure everywhere.”

Ronan Kelly, President of the FTTH Council Europe, commented, “We very much support the agreement reached today (Monday, December 12th) on the Connecting Europe Broadband Fund.

“Europe needs vastly improved network infrastructure in order to become a global competitive in digital. This fund is an important step fostering investments in fibre-based infrastructure, the only future-proof broadband solution enabling fixed and wireless Gigabit-networks.”

FTTH Council Conference 2017
The FTTH Council Europe is expecting Lively discussions on creating a Gigabit Society and the latest digital technology innovations will be at the heart of the 14th edition of the FTTH Conference, to be held on 14-16 February 2017 in Marseille, France.”

The FTTH Conference, organised by the FTTH Council Europe, is THE place of exchange between different stakeholders involved in fibre: policymakers, regulators, operators, vendors, investors, analysts, media and more. The FTTH Conference reflects the FTTH Council Europe’s objectives to create a connected continent and provide a brighter future for all citizens through fibre to the home rollout and the services it enables.

The FTTH Council Europe is an industry organisation with a mission to accelerate the availability of fibre-based, ultra-high-speed access networks to consumers and businesses. The Council promotes this technology because it will deliver a flow of new services that enhance the quality of life, contribute to a better environment and increase economic competitiveness. The FTTH Council Europe consists of 150 member companies.

Information about and registration to the event, including pictures and video clips of the previous conference in Luxembourg, is available on the FTTH Conference website and about the Council itself at www.ftthcouncil.eu.


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