Telia Carrier enhances LATAM connectivity by providing backhaul to OJUS landing station

Created October 11, 2016
Applications and Research

Telia Carrier has established a new network Point-of-Presence at the OJUS Cable Landing Station in Hollywood, Florida, US. The new network infrastructure provides resilient network options for customers wishing diverse connectivity to the Nap of the Americas in Miami and Equinix MI3 in Boca Raton as well as Telia Carrier’s top-ranked global IP backbone, AS1299.

The cable landing station in Hollywood gives Telia Carrier customers access to key subsea cable systems including MAYA-1, Americas-II and Columbus-III, which link the US to the Caribbean, Central and South America. As a leading provider of 100G services, Telia Carrier offers options from STM-x all the way to 100 Gb/s increments as well as terabit capacity to IP and Transmission customers.  In addition to the Miami and Boca Raton facilities, Telia Carrier can provide diverse high capacity services extending to over 70 Pops in North America and internationally.

The diverse buried fibre construction of the Telia Carrier backhaul systems offer additional protection from the natural threats that can impact the region, such as hurricanes. Protecting the on-land portion of the network from the potential damages of such storms, including fibre cuts, is critical to the companies, systems and networks that rely on the uptime of the expensive subsea cable capacity they connect to. The survivability can be greatly enhanced in these situations leveraging almost 45 miles of physical separation between the facilities in Boca Raton and Miami.

Art Kazmierczak, Director of Business Development, Americas at Telia Carrier, commented, “The diverse network design provides dual or protected connection options to MAYA-1 and other subsea cable systems and allows Telia Carrier to service Central and South American customers with the resiliency and high-speed performance that they demand.”

Telia Carrier was the first carrier with a 100G-enabled backbone in both Europe and North America in addition to owning and operating a top two ranked Global IP backbone. The company enables worldwide connectivity by connecting more than 200 points of presence across Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East including 70 PoPs in North America alone.


By Optical Connections News Team