Infinera unveils Xceed Software Suite delivering multi-layer SDN automation

Created September 13, 2016
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Infinera, a developer of Intelligent Transport Networks, has launched the Xceed software suite, a portfolio of integrated, open and modular software components for software defined networking automation of Infinera-programmable multi-layer transport networks. The new software suite, including the Xceed Multi-layer SDN Platform and Xceed Applications, enables service providers to create new revenue streams and reduce operational costs by driving higher network efficiency.

Service providers have begun using SDN within their data centers to automate networking of virtualized devices and functions, but have not yet been able to extend the same SDN automation to the metro and core networks that are foundational to their business. Meanwhile, traffic patterns in metro and core networks have become increasingly variable and unpredictable. Service providers are challenged to activate bandwidth, reconfigure network resources and adapt to application demand quickly using legacy systems and manual processes.

The Xceed Software Suite is designed to meet these challenges by delivering an open purpose-built multi-layer SDN platform and revenue-ready applications, leveraging the powerful scalability, flexibility and programmability of Infinera transport networks.

The Xceed Multi-layer SDN Platform delivers scalable SDN control across Infinera’s end-to-end Intelligent Transport Network portfolio spanning long-haul, metro and data center interconnect applications. The Xceed platform, built on the OpenDaylight open source SDN controller, incorporates Infinera-developed advanced microservices, such as the Xceed Multi-layer Path Computation Element and a rich network abstraction layer incorporating Infinera’s proven Open Transport Switch software.

Xceed’s Dynamic Bandwidth option provides on-demand provisioning of Optical Transport Network (OTN), including ODUFlex and Metro Ethernet Forum-compliant Ethernet services. Xceed Dynamic Bandwidth enables programmable on-demand capacity activation creating an elastic environment that is designed to enable faster service provisioning, more efficient use of resources across packet, digital and optical layers, and improved network utilization.

Then Xceed’s Instant Virtual Networks enables network virtualization to enable service providers to define virtual transport network topologies on a shared physical network infrastructure. With Layer 1 Instant Virtual Network, multiple virtual transport networks can be established, each operating as a standalone transport network with integrated OTN switching, optical routing and protection capabilities tailored to the end-user’s applications.

Art Nichols, Windstream’s VP Network Architecture and Technology, commented, “Windstream recognizes that our enterprise and wholesale customers demand streamlined service provisioning and more flexible, on-demand connectivity. As a strategic vendor, Infinera partners with us to develop pragmatic solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We are actively testing and plan to deploy the Xceed Multi-layer SDN Platform with Dynamic Bandwidth to further our efforts in providing an exceptional customer experience.”

“GÉANT is working in close partnership with Infinera to deploy SDN, most recently validating Open Transport Switch and the Packet Switching Module to pilot multi-layer programmability between our optical and packet networks,” said Mark Johnston, Chief Operations Officer at GÉANT. “By closely collaborating with the SDN development team, led by Afrodite Sevasti, we plan to leverage the power of the Xceed Software Suite to implement multi-layer control and to facilitate multi-domain interoperation to increase network efficiency and deliver on-demand services. This will also ultimately increase the capability and value of the GÉANT network.”


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