Yokogawa Meters & Instruments releases three new OTDR units

Created July 5, 2016
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Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation has developed the AQ7283J, AQ7283E, and AQ7282G optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) units for its AQ7280 series, and has released them to the market at the end of June.

Each of the units is designed to be paired with an OTDR mainframe to create an AQ7280 series modular OTDR, which is a widely used tool in the installation and maintenance of fibre-optic cables. Yokogawa developed these new OTDR units to better meet its customers’ needs and provide them a wider range of choices. In so doing, Yokogawa aims to expand its optical communications business.

Driven by factors such as the widespread use of smartphones and the increase in video-related Internet traffic, there is a rising global need for fibre-optic networks that can carry large volumes of data at high speeds. The OTDR is used to verify losses, measure lengths, and identify failure locations during cable installation and maintenance.

Yokogawa’s AQ7280 series OTDRs are used in the installation and maintenance of fibre-optic cables for core, metro, and access networks, including FTTH links between central offices and subscribers, and their reliability and operability are highly valued by customers, stated the company.

With both production and maintenance operations there is also the need to assess the characteristics of fibre-optic cables, and maintenance personnel also need to perform such checks while the cables are in use. Yokogawa has developed these three new OTDR units to satisfy such needs.

Main features
The AQ7283J can characterise a fibre-optic cable at the 1383 nm wavelength to determine the magnitude of losses caused by the absorption of light by hydroxyl ions in the fibre. This is essential to determine whether the fibre is suitable for the deployment of coarse wavelength division multiplex (CWDM) transmission technology that enables the transfer of huge volumes of data at high speeds by simultaneously transmitting optical signals over different wavelengths.

There is also the need on optical cable production lines to assess the characteristics of low water peak optical fibre. And in the field, it is necessary to assess signal losses in already installed conventional cables in order to determine their suitability for the use of CWDM. The portable AQ7283J OTDR can easily be used on production lines and in the field to perform such assessments.

The AQ7283E has a built-in cut filter that makes it possible to characterize fibre-optic cables while they are in use. And in response to the increasing use of longer wavelength communications signals, the accuracy of the AQ7283E maintenance wavelength has been improved to 1625±10 nm. These features ensure that testing does not interfere with communications.

The AQ7282G supports measurements in three wavelengths and has been optimized for the checking of FTTH installations. It presents as a lower cost version of our standard model, which can perform measurements at four separate wavelengths and is suitable for the installation and maintenance of FTTH networks.

Link: http://tmi.yokogawa.com/about/news/yokogawa-releases-aq7280series-units/

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