New Core-Centering Splicer for Optical Fibers Splice Six Seconds – Heat Nine Seconds

Created June 17, 2016
Technologies and Products

The FITEL S179 is the new core-centering three-axis splicer from FITEL Furukawa for me¬tro, LAN, FTTx, and all bend-insensitive fibers. Splicing a fiber takes only six seconds in semi-automatic operation, and applying a protection sleeve takes nine seconds. A charged battery can operate for up to 200 splicing cycles!
The 4.3”-large touchscreen and the large opening of the splicing chamber make hand¬ling much easier. Four bright LEDs provide the best interior lighting, even under poor lighting conditions.
The housing is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof, all of which allow this device to function reliably even under adverse environmental conditions. The removable V groove is revolutionary and makes for easy cleaning! Compared to its predecessor, this splicer is lighter and flatter and has a powerful 8N drive motor that promises repro¬ducible splices.
State-of-the-art technologies are used in this splicer: The FITEL S179 has an NFC interface to lock and unlock this device, an intuitive touchscreen for quick operation, and can be controlled via a smartphone. Two integrated USB interfaces allow further communication possibilities. This makes the S179 the most advanced splicer currently available on the market. It is available exclusively from Laser Components in Germany and Austria.


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