CANARIE, StarLight and Ciena complete 300G trial across Canada

Created June 22, 2016
Applications and Research

Three partners – Ciena, CANARIE, a key element of Canada’s digital education infrastructure, and the StarLight Communications Exchange Facility Consortium – have together  demonstrated the ability to significantly improve network efficiencies using the open interfaces and programmable modulation of Ciena’s Waveserver stackable  interconnect system.

Announced at June’s TNC16 Networking Conference, in Prague, Czech Republic, the partnership systems trial transmitted 300 Gb/s capacity using the latest coherent optical modulation available via Ciena’s WaveLogic 3 Extreme chipset.

Ciena commented, “In today’s increasingly connected society, global research and education networks like CANARIE and StarLight need to continually evolve their networks to support bandwidth-hungry services and applications. Last year, CANARIE transmitted 172 Petabytes of data, continuing a trend that has seen annual data growth of 50 percent over the last several years. Programmable coherent optics inside Ciena’s powerful platforms will support these surging bandwidth needs by optimizing capacity for any distance to help improve the way researchers around the globe work together.”

The 150 Gb/s per wavelength 8QAM trial was conducted on a live research network that connects Ciena’s labs in Ottawa with StarLight’s Chicago-based R&E communication services exchange facility, at a distance of more than 1,440 km. A network operator’s power to choose 8QAM modulation means more flexibility in applications Waveserver can enable, providing higher capacity than QPSK, and greater optical reach than 16QAM. All three programmable modulations will be generally available on Ciena’s Waveserver this summer, allowing it to support any-haul Data Centre Interconnect applications efficiently and cost-effectively.

Another key benefit of the 150 Gb/s 8QAM technology is the ability to provide high-capacity DCI, which is instrumental in connecting today’s app-centric, on-demand society. With Ciena’s unique multi-dimensional coding implementation of 8QAM, Waveserver gives data centre operators more capacity at farther distances and lower operating costs.

Mark Wolff, Chief Technology Officer at CANARIE, commented, “Traffic on our network continues to surge as we enable Canadian researchers, educators and innovators to leverage advanced digital tools and massive data resources. This trial demonstrated that Ciena’s Waveserver is capable of enabling us to scale our network in order to help keep Canada at the forefront of digital research and innovation.”

Joe Mambretti, Director, StarLight , said, “This innovative trial of a next–generation, flexible optical WAN networking is just one of many examples of the value of our ongoing research partnership with Ciena. By continuing to push the boundaries of what networks can achieve, we are able to open up new opportunities for the global research community. ”

And Rod Wilson, Senior Director, Ciena, added,  “Ciena benefits from open collaboration with our Research and Education partners, who have been at the forefront of developing and deploying communications technologies. This trial allowed us to push the boundaries of advanced transmission technology in ways that can only be truly validated in a real world environment.  This extends our long partnership with the Research & Education community and supports the exploration not just of networking, but of human discovery.”