Aerotech launches FibreMaxHP 3-6 Axis photonics alignment platform

Created May 16, 2016
Technologies and Products

FibreMaxHP is a second-generation 3-6 axis photonics alignment platform built on Aerotech’s proven ANT nanopositioning product line. It is designed for critical photonics alignment in highly automated production environments. This highly reliable drive and control technology ensures many years of maintenance-free service in a high throughput, 24/7 manufacturing environment, says the company.

FibreMaxHP’s non-contact, direct-drive technology enables high-precision alignment without sacrificing production throughput. It is capable of 2nm linear and 0.05µrad rotary minimum incremental motion, with speeds to 400mm/s, to meet the challenges of aligning next-generation photonics packages. The direct-drive technology employed in the FibreMaxHP offers a significant precision and throughput advantage over other alignment platforms.

Aerotech’s controllers work with a variety of smart cameras and machine vision systems to help facilitate first light. The associated power servo scanning algorithms can be used to optimize the power coupled through the devices. Standard scanning routines include fast align, hill climb, spiral, and raster searches in up to six axes of motion.

The platform’s advanced kinematics enable a virtual pivot point where rotation can occur at any user-defined point in space rather than the physical rotation point of the FibreMaxHP axes. This capability assists the speed and accuracy of active alignment. Aerotech also offers an extensive array of software and hardware options to suit users’ specific needs.

The FibreMaxHP  is available with 3-6 axes of direct-drive alignment allowing the platform to be specified with the exact number of axes needed for the application. Since many applications require manual adjustment of fixtures and parts for a one-time initial alignment, the new alignment platform comes with up to 3 axes of manual angular alignment with ±2° of motion. These manual adjustment axes mount directly to the direct-drive platform and offer a more economical approach to alignment when adjustment is not frequently required.

Optical Connections News Team