Wave2Wave Offers MXC Optical Interconnect for Board Level Optics

Created April 29, 2016
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Wave2Wave Solution has announced that it has reached a new milestone with US Conec MXC certification. US Conec is a leader in providing passive components for high density optical interconnects. The new certification expands Wave2Wave’s RÉVOL product family which addresses board level and silicon photonic optical interconnect. Wave2Wave enables customers to build next-generation storage and networking devices, offering high speed and low latency in a small footprint.

“It’s an exciting time for the industry, as big data, cloud and mobile continue to drive the emergence of new requirements and applications for networking,” said David Wang, founder and chief executive officer of Wave2Wave. “With our capabilities, customers can be assured that they have access to the best solutions available on the market today to address their growing network demands.”

Supporting a varied selection of link designs, the MXC connector platform is optimized for expanded beam PRIZM MT ferrules, providing for a more robust and debris insensitive interface compared to existing solutions. The platform is also compatible with traditional physical contact MT ferrules, making it ideal for a wide variety of equipment interface applications.

Wave2Wave’s versatile, cost-effective, next-generation RÉVOL connector family is optimized for direct interface to equipment densely populated with mid-board mounted, multi-mode or single-mode optical modules. It supports fibre rows of up to 16 fibres and up to four rows of fibres for fibre lane counts as high as 64.

“Our relationships with the world’s leading technology companies ensure that we are best able to meet our customers’ needs through unique, cutting-edge products,” said Mike Hughes, director of product development at US Conec. “By presenting Wave2Wave with this certification as a supplier for our MXC connector platform, we further strengthens our offerings for multi-fibre optical interconnect.”

By Per Danielsen



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