Italian network deploys Infinera to deliver advanced services

Created April 29, 2016
Applications and Research

Infinera has announced that GARR, the Italian Research & Education Network, has deployed the Infinera DTN-X XTC Series to deliver advanced services and increase network efficiency as GARR scales its network capacity.

GARR designs and operates Italy’s national high-speed telecommunication network for university and scientific research. With the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network, GARR offers high-bandwidth connectivity and advanced services to Italy’s national scientific and academic community, an association of user organizations with more than 1,000 sites across the country. Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Network enables GARR to take advantage of Instant Bandwidth, which provides network operators with the ability to deploy additional bandwidth on the basis of their user’s requirements. GARR can now deploy and provide additional bandwidth in 100 gigabits per second (Gb/s) increments on the same day with a single click of a mouse in the Infinera Digital Network Administrator (DNA) management system. This allows GARR to differentiate its services by shortening provisioning times and accelerating service delivery.

The Infinera DTN-X XTC Series enables GARR to deliver 100 Gb/s coherent transmission via 500 Gb/s super-channels today and supports a forward-scale design to provide terabit super-channels in the future. The high capacity super-channels are made possible through the use of 500 Gb/s photonic integrated circuits (PICs) developed and fabricated by Infinera . The DTN-X XTC Series integrates dense wavelength division multiplexing super-channel transmission with optical transport network (OTN) and packet switching for sub-wavelength service management. With up to 12 Tb/s of non-blocking OTN switching in a single bay upgradeable from 5 Tb/s, the DTN XTC Series provides seamless expansion as traffic requirements grow in the future.

“The innovative FlexCoherent Processor and PIC technology behind Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Network provide GARR the advanced capabilities needed to deliver critical services to the research and university community across Italy,” said Massimo Carboni, GARR CTO. “The flexibility, speed of service delivery and rich network management system provided by the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network and Instant Bandwidth enable us to scale network bandwidth and accelerate service innovation to support large research and education development projects.”

By Per Danielsen

GARR Deploys Infinera for Multi-Terabit Research & Education Network in Italy



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