Huawei to accelerate digital transformation to build a ‘better connected world’

Created April 25, 2016
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Chinese telecoms giant Huawei recently convened its 13th Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen, China. The event brought together over 500 analysts and business leaders from the telecom, Internet, finance, and other industries.

Focusing on the theme of “Growing Together Through Digitalisation and Building a Better Connected World”, the company outlined its corporate strategy, including its strategic thinking, products, and market progress in the areas of cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and operations transformation. Representatives from industry organisations including NB-IoT Forum, OpenStack, TM Forum, and The Open Group also shared their views and best practices on industry development.

“Global digitalisation is accelerating, and this is improving efficiency and user experience in many areas, including vertical industries, public services, and every aspect of our lives. Our Global Connectivity Index 2016 reveals that global connectivity improved by 5% in 2015,” said William Xu, Huawei Executive Director of the Board, Chief Strategy Marketing Officer.

“We can work together in the areas of enhancing connectivity, enabling the digital transformation of vertical industries, improving the connectivity experience and expanding access under all scenarios, and to accelerate global digitalisation.”

Under the trend of full connectivity, video has become a basic service of the telecom industry and experience has become a core competence for operators to attract and retain users. Huawei has unveiled a video experience measurement system, U-vMOS, which reasonably and objectively evaluates video quality, interaction, and the visual experience of various services on different networks and screens. The system is open to the entire video industry, and has been recognised by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

At the summit, Huawei’s Rotating CEO Eric Xu explained the company’s “All Cloud” strategy in detail. He said, “At the Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2015, we proposed the Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, and Social (ROADS) experience model to define the features of a superior user experience. This year, we have introduced the “All Cloud” strategy, which focuses on delivering a ROADS experience.

At the core of Huawei’s full cloudification strategy is the “All Cloud” of ICT infrastructure in four respects – equipment, network, services, and operations. The strategy aims to create systematic strengths in pooled hardware resources, fully distributed software architecture, and full automation. As a leading global ICT infrastructure provider, Huawei is committed to becoming an advocate, promoter, and leader of full cloudification.”

Digital transformation presents many opportunities as well as challenges. Huawei stays customer-centric and strives to help customers succeed and achieve shared success. Eric Xu added, “In the carrier business, we aim to deliver a ROADS experience and help operators develop their competitiveness to seize new market opportunities including IoT, video, and cloud services. We will also help migrate networks and operations systems to the cloud and help operators establish advantages in agile operations.”



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