Coriant demonstrates lightning-tolerant 100 Gbps transmission

Created April 1, 2016
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Coriant, a global supplier of SDN-enabled end-to-end transport networking solutions, today announced that it has successfully demonstrated the resiliency of its Coriant CloudWave Optics Solution in a live demonstration of lightning-tolerant 100 Gbps coherent optical transmission.

Conducted earlier this month at the Deutsches Museum in Munich with one of the strongest lightning generators in Germany, the demonstration featured Coriant CloudWave Optics-based 100 Gbps coherent optical transmission over Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) cable, which is commonly used in aerial fibre applications alongside power lines. OPGW has a metal coating that is designed to attract lightning strikes in order to avoid any damage to the power lines.

While legacy direct detect transmission technology such as 10 Gbps is inherently immune to perturbations caused by severe weather conditions, including thunderstorms, the evolution to 100 Gbps transmission presents a new set of challenges for network operators due to sophisticated polarization multiplexed coherent modulation.

“In Central Europe OPGW aerial fibre can experience as many as 30 direct strikes per 100 kilometers per year, or even higher in other parts of the world such as the Americas, and these incidents can pose risks to optical transmission stability and reliability unless managed properly,” said Stefan Voll, Vice President of Product Management, Coriant. “The Coriant CloudWave Optics solution uses ultra-high-speed processing and advanced algorithms to mitigate polarization perturbations and ensure superior performance and low latency in even the most challenging fibre conditions.”

Coriant CloudWave Optics is a key photonic layer technology that combines a leading signal processing engine, optimized integrated photonics, and embedded software intelligence, which together bring a new level of optical performance, efficiency, and scalability to infrastructure networks facing unprecedented traffic growth.


By Matthew Peach


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