Anritsu MT8821C tester is ‘first’ single solution supporting LTE-A 4×4 MIMO 2CCs

Created April 26, 2016
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Anritsu has released the company’s new software packages for evaluating LTE-Advanced UE supporting downlink (DL) 4×4 MIMO and Downlink Carrier Aggregation (DL CA) 5CCs and strengthening the wireless test functions of the all-in-one Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C.

The released software comprises: MX882112C-012 LTE FDD 4×4 MIMO DL ; MX882113C-012  LTE TDD 4×4 MIMO DL; MX882112C-051  LTE-Advanced FDD DL CA 5CCs Measurement Software; andMX882113C-051  LTE-Advanced TDD DL CA 5CCs Measurement Software. The MX882112C-012 is for evaluating LTE UE supporting FDD  LTE 4×4 MIMO DL. The jointly developed MX882113C-012 is for evaluating LTE UE supporting TDD LTE 4×4 MIMO DL.

Installing these software packages in the MT8821C configured for LTE 2×2 MIMO DL measurements supports evaluation of the RF Rx performance and IP Data transfer tests of LTE 4×4 MIMO DL UE.

On the one hand, the MX882112C-051 software supporting downlink carrier aggregation (DL CA) 5CCs is designed for evaluating FDD LTE-Advanced DL CA 5CCs UE, while on the other, the jointly-developed MX882113C-051 supports evaluation of TDD LTE-Advanced DL CA 5CCs UE.

Installing these software packages in the MT8821C with Parallelphone measurement hardware configured for LTE-Advanced DL CA 4CCs measurements supports evaluation of the RF Rx performance of LTE-Advanced DL CA 5CCs UE.

Furthermore, these packages expand the functions of previously released measurement software for the MT8821C. With its easy-to-set GUI using the iperf command, the LTE IP Data Transfer software incorporates an IP Data Application as well as a Throughput Monitor function for real-time display of IP Throughput and Physical Throughput. These functions simplify measurement of everything from IP data TRx to Throughput rates at one easy GUI.

The MX882164C VoLTE Echoback software is required for VoLTE Power Consumption tests and supports all 3GPP-specified codec rates for Narrow Band AMR and Wide Band AMR as well as Video Echoback.

The Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C is an all-in-one tester with RF TRx test functions and a built-in base station simulator for UE. The newly released software packages strengthen its functions by adding support for evaluating LTE 4×4 MIMO DL and LTE-Advanced DL CA 5CCs UE.

Moreover, as well as expanding the MT8821C measurement functions, these software packages add an IP Data Application using the iperf command to set parameters at an easy-to-use GUI, plus a Throughput graph display function. In addition, a full range of selectable audio codecs has been added for VoLTE Echoback along with a Video Echoback function.



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