Optelian strengthens outside plant portfolio with extended temperature products

Created March 22, 2016
OptelianTechnologies and Products

Optical networking solution provider Optelian has expanded its solution portfolio for outside plant environments, including a range of optical fibre amplifiers and dispersion compensation modules, each supporting extended temperature operation. The addition of these products significantly broadens Optelian’s existing outside solutions, which are designed for regional, metro and local networks.

Service providers choose Optelian for its expertise in delivering a portfolio of products for the optical transport market, its organisational focus on partnering with customers throughout the life-cycle of the network, and its full service implementation encompassing design, deployment, sustaining services and consulting capabilities. Optelian’s extensive portfolio of GR-3108 OSP-rated products includes the compact OMS-2190 shelf, the family of transponder/regenerator cards, the FLX-1610 muxponder, pluggable SFP, SFP+, and XFP modules, passive mux/demux shelves, and a full set of compact passive modules delivering splitter, mux/demux and OADM functionality.

This new addition to the portfolio allows operators to further expand their WDM footprint across their entire serving area. Service providers are now able to extend their reach, deploy fibre to the premises, interconnect communities, deploy mobile backhaul solutions, and support centralised RAN and small cell CPRI-based interconnect in the metro. These revenue-generating deployments are made possible with Optelian’s OSP-rated products, the low acquisition cost, and low operational cost.

The OFA-1700 and OFA-2000 series of amplifiers are now certified for extended temperature range operation. Optelian also offers its DMS family of passive dispersion compensation modules, packaged into the smallest enclosure available in the industry. These DCMs are compatible with 100GHz and 50GHz channel spacings, and with coherent and non-coherent transceivers.

“These new products build on our solid foundation of products that are already in the field providing connectivity to service endpoints in a variety of environments” says Optelian’s VP of Sales Dave Mills. “These OSP amplifiers and DCMs complete the end-to-end solution, extending the proven portfolio capabilities of providing services in challenging locations.”

Link: http://www.optelian.com/news-list/2016/press-releases/optelian-strengthens-outside-plant-portfolio-with-new-extended-temperature-products.aspx