Santec’s new tunable laser TSL-550 offers a cost-effective solution for high power, high accuracy and high SNR component testing

Created August 5, 2015
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Tunable lasers are an integral part of optical test systems to measure insertion loss, isolation, polarization dependence, wavelength dependence and reflectivity of optical components.   As experts in tunable laser technology, Santec built the world’s first commercially available external cavity tunable laser back in 1987.  This year they introduce their latest model tunable laser, the TSL-550.  Innovation in tunable laser resonator design in the TSL-550 results in lower optical ASE for extraordinarily high signal-to-noise ratio of over 90dB/0.1nm, while maintaining a high output power of over +10dBm.  The TSL-550 features key advances in testing speed, resolution, accuracy and dynamic range, raising confidence and lowering costs of component verification.  Equipped as standard with fine tuning and coherence control, the TSL-550 is fully programmable, making it a must have tool for precision optical testing.

Recent innovation in photonic technology has expanded the requirements for tunable lasers for component testing.  Advances in silicon photonics, ROADM (reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers) designs and thin film coatings require test equipment that can characterize multi-port systems, steep filter transfer functions and high extinction ratio devices. The TSL-550 addresses these needs, in addition to improved production inspection throughput by doubling the scan repetition rate over conventional lasers. Santec also makes a suite of optical test instrumentation that when combined with the TSL-550 provides turnkey solutions for measurement of WDL and PDL.

The TSL-550 models cover the tuning range 1260-1680nm and is available in two versions: Type A, the standard, cost effective version includes a wavelength meter with +/-30pm wavelength accuracy while Type C features an absolute wavelength accuracy of less than 5pm.

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