Fibre to the desk simplicity by DiaLink, from Diamond

Created August 5, 2015
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Swiss high precision solutions manufacturer, Diamond SA, have introduced the DiaLink solution. A product designed to provide efficient, comfortable and smart fibre installations, with no splicing, or complicated connector assembly required. Users simply pull in pre-assembled fibre optic cables with DiaLink connectors on both ends of the required link. The connections are made at the floor or wall box in the work area, with the other end of the fibre optic cable connected to the ODF (Optical Distribution Frame), via DiaLink connections. The excess length of cable can be stored in the DiaLink fibre storage box.

Thanks to its bidirectional technology, one fibre per fibredesk is sufficient and the issues of a copper Cat. 6a cabling solution, such as incorrectly plugged in connectors, mix-ups and expensive floor distributions, can be avoided with the FTTD alternative. The compact DiaLink interface enables installation in crowded cable ducts and protects against contamination, and the small cable diameter allows for smaller and lighter installation cable spools. Tensile force of up to 300N can be achieved, thanks to the tractive cap.

The active components in the network determine the network speed. The faster the better. Scientific studies have shown that a fast reaction time has a positive impact on working efficiency, thus, making the quality of the components in the core or edge area crucial. The Fibredesk stations however, can do even better and it is not just data, or USB modules that can be integrated, with digital power component integration also possible, allowing the user to turn their office space into a fully functioning ‘smart working’ environment.

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