Ekinops enables Orange to set record in optical transmission

Created July 8, 2015
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Orange transported 38.4 terabits-per-second over a distance of 762 km

For the first time, tens of terabits per second, were transported over 762 km (472 miles) on the Orange network, setting a transmission record. The transmission, along the Lyon-Marseille-Lyon link, was made possible by Ekinops’ ultra-high capacity optical transmission technology.
This full-scale multi-terabit transmission, which took place on the Orange optical fiber infrastructure of its operational network during a trial that lasted several weeks, is a world record, not only in terms of global data capacity transported (38.4 Tbps), but also in the transmission distance (762 km / 472 miles).

For Orange, the objective was to demonstrate that the fiber infrastructure of its operational network is able to carry data rates of tens of Tbps over distances of several hundred kilometers.

To establish this transmission record, Orange relied on equipment from Ekinops and Keopsys, which provided new generation hybrid Raman/erbium optical amplifiers along the Lyon-Marseille-Lyon link. These new generation amplifiers were based on joint research and development between Ekinops and Keopsys, a specialist in optical fiber amplifiers and lasers. Their combined expertise makes possible this low cost, highly energy efficient and innovative technology for the modernization of traditional optical fiber networks.

“Ekinops is particularly proud of this technological achievement, which is the result of close collaboration with Orange,” said Jean-Luc Pamart, VP Engineering at Ekinops. “This collaboration illustrates our ability to deliver innovative and efficient equipment to upgrade the capacity of existing fiber networks. It also demonstrates how Ekinops can respond in a relevant way to the technological needs of major operators.”

For its part, “Keopsys demonstrates its technological capacity through the development and implementation of next generation fibered products that can be easily integrated into broadband communication platforms,” said Marc Le Flohic, CEO of Keopsys. “The hybrid fiber amplifiers efficiently increase bandwidth of new optical transmission networks.”

This field trial was carried out in the framework of the European CELTIC-Plus project SASER (SAfe European and Secure Routing).

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