Witcom deploys Adva FSP 3000 system to enable ‘dynamic connectivity’

Created June 17, 2015
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Adva Optical Networking has announced that WiTCOM has deployed the Adva FSP 3000 with reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer technology throughout the Hessen region of Germany. The German telecommunications carrier is utilizing the ROADM capabilities to transform its previously fixed network into what it calls “a flexible and dynamic infrastructure”.

WiTCOM supplies residential and enterprise customers in the greater Frankfurt area with secure data center interconnect and telecommunication services. It selected the Adva FSP 3000 for its ability to enhance the flexibility and scalability of its metro network. The new system enables WiTCOM to rapidly respond to the growing demands of customers by provisioning new services and bandwidth. The network was designed and tested with Adva’s long-term partner, Dacoso, a specialist in connectivity solutions and data center services.

Rainer Naaß, manager, IT-Business and Planning, WiTCOM, commented, “We need a network that can grow at the same pace as our clients’ demands. Enterprises are calling for faster access to mission-critical data and residential customers want more bandwidth than ever before. Adva’s ROADM technology provides us with a dynamic infrastructure and enables us to move away from a rigid and costly infrastructure.”

WiTCOM operates a 500km network with eight nodes connected in a ring architecture. The newly installed ROADM system transforms the network into a meshed ring topology. Links between all sites can be configured instantly through adding and dropping wavelengths on multiple fibers.

To ensure the solution worked perfectly from the start, the equipment was first tested in Dacoso’s laboratories in Langen, Germany. Operators were also trained in how to utilize the embedded multi-layer GMPLS Control Plane, RAYcontrol. The combination of Adva’s hardware and software has, said WiTCOM, “resulted in true network automation, dynamic routing and self-learning. It dramatically simplifies operations, drives energy efficiency throughout the network and provides an abundance of new revenue opportunities.”

Martin Stengel, CTO at Dacoso, added, “Together with Adva, we have safeguarded the future connectivity of WiTCOM’s customers. Building on what was already a successful three-way partnership, we were able to remove the rigid nature of WiTCOM’s network and supply them with a versatile, efficient and scalable solution. This relationship is set to go further as WiTCOM is planning to enhance its network with Adva’s ConnectGuard encryption solution.”

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