ADVA Optical Networking unveils CloudConnect, a data centre interconnect platform that scales to 100 terabit

Created June 23, 2015
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ADVA Optical Networking has unveiled its FSP 3000 CloudConnect, a data centre interconnect product designed to cater for the differing needs of the data centre players and to scale to 100 terabit.

The FSP 3000 CloudConnect comes in several configurations, with all the platforms using the QuadFlex card that has a 800 gigabit throughput: up to 400 gigabit client-side interfaces and a 400 gigabit line rate.

The QuadFlex card is only a half rack unit (RU) wide and up to seven can be fitted in ADVA’s 4 rack unit SH4R CloudConnect platform, for a total line-side transport capacity of 2.8 Tbit/s.

The QuadFlex card’s line-side interface supports various rates and reaches, from 100 gigabit ultra long-haul to 400 gigabit metro/ regional, in increments of 100 gigabit. Two carriers, each 16-QAM, are used to achieve the 400 Gbit/s line rate, whereas for 300 Gbit/s, 8-QAM is used with each of the two carriers.

Other data centre operators have already installed 40 DWDM channels at 100GHz spacing which they want to keep. For those customers, ADVA Optical Networking offers a 14 RU configuration that uses three SH4R units, an EDFA and a DWDM multiplexer to enable them to upgrade capacity on the existing channel plan. The three SH4R units house 20 QuadFlex cards that fit 200 gigabit in each of the 40 channels for a line-side capacity of 8 terabit.

The last CloudConnect chassis configuration is for customers wanting to combine multiple data centres to form a global computing cluster. Here, the chassis has 10 SH4R units housing 64 QuadFlex cards to achieve a transport capacity of 25.6 Tbit/s and a throughput of 51.2 Tbit/s. The vendor has also produced a similar-sized configuration for the L-band. Combining the two 40 RU chassis achieves 51.2Tbit/s of transport and 102.4 Tbit/s of throughput.

CloudConnect has been designed to support open software and open hardware.

“We will let anybody’s hardware or software control our network,” said Jim Theodoras, senior director, technical marketing at ADVA optical Networking. “You don’t have to talk to our SDN controller to control our network.”  ADVA also supports open hardware whereby programmers can control the optical line system used to interconnect the data centres.

General availability of the CloudConnect platforms is expected at the year-end.

By Roy Rubenstein


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