Oclaro demos CFP2 module operating at 200G

Created October 14, 2014
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The advent of a compact, pluggable CFP2 form factor module capable of multi-rate long-distance coherent optical transmission moved a step closer with a demonstration by Oclaro at the ECOC 2014 Exhibition in Cannes, France.

The company showed a CFP2 transmitting data at 200 Gbps. The demonstration was of an “analogue” coherent optics (ACO) module, where the digital signal processing (DSP) ASIC resides alongside rather than within the module. 

“One of the beauties of an analogue CFP2 is that it works with a variety of DSPs,” said Blum. Other merchant coherent DSPs are becoming available, while leading long-haul optical equipment vendors have their own custom coherent DSPs.

The Oclaro CFP2 achieves 200G using PM-16-QAM, working alongside ClariPhy’s merchant DSP-ASIC, which would normally reside on the line card. At ECOC ClariPhy announced it is shipping its 200G LightSpeed-II CL20010 coherent DSP-ASIC.

“What has been somewhat surprising to us is that the CFP2 is not just used in metro/regional networks but also in long-haul applications,” said Robert Blum, director of strategic marketing at Oclaro. “We are also seeing quite significant interest in data centre interconnect, where you want to get 400-Gig between sites using two CFP2s and two DSPs.” Oclaro says that the typical distances being requested are from 200km to 1,000km.
Oclaro will offer two CFP2 line-side variants, one with linear drivers and one using limiting ones. The limiting driver CFP2 will be used for 100G only whereas the linear driver CFP2 supports 100G PM-QPSK and 200G PM-16-QAM modulation schemes. 

Customers received first CFP2 samples in May, with the module currently at the design validation stage. Oclaro expects volume shipments to begin in the first half of 2015.

By Roy Rubenstein

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