CityFiber to build Scotland’s first Gigabit City

Created September 18, 2014
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UK infrastructure provider CityFibre Ltd. says it is joining forces with Scottish service provider Internet for Business (IFB) to bring optical fibre connections to businesses in Aberdeen, thus creating Scotland’s first Gigabit City.

CityFibre said it has selected Aberdeen as “a highly attractive and strategically significant market” based on its strong local economy and high concentration of large businesses. Aberdeen has become an economic powerhouse, accounting for 28% of Scotland’s GDP, and is home to 30% of the country’s top 100 businesses. CityFibre executives also pointed out that Aberdeen has the second highest broadband take-up rate in the UK, but an absence of any cable infrastructure.

The modern digital infrastructure will bring “transformational gigabit speeds” within reach of over 6,000 companies as well as hundreds of public sector sites including schools, universities, libraries, hospitals, and government agency buildings across the city, CityFibre asserts. CityFibre’s plans are backed up by a contractual commitment from IFB to migrate and upsell existing business leased line customers onto CityFibre’s infrastructure.

Ultimately, the network, comprising modern duct infrastructure with high-capacity fibre cables, could comfortably provide a backbone for the deployment of fibre to the home for the city’s residents, the company said via a press release.

Aberdeen is the latest city to be named under CityFibre’s Gigabit Cities program, which hopes to bring FTTP to 500,000 businesses and up to 1 million homes. CityFibre has also begun fibre roll-out in Coventry, Peterborough and York – although progress reports are fairly infrequent. In the City of York, CityFibre has formed a joint venture with national Internet service provider TalkTalk to deliver residential broadband services, which hopes to connect customers next year.

Back in Aberdeen, deployment has already started in key industrial estates in the centre and south of the city, such as Tullos and Altens, as well as the north as far as Dyce and The Bridge of Don. Subject to demand, the build will be extended to areas in the west of the city, such as Westhill and Kingswells. CityFibre will launch a demand aggregation campaign to enable businesses to register their interest and help shape the network route.

CityFibre CEO Greg Mesch said: “We selected Aberdeen as it represents the perfect opportunity for a Gigabit City project. Its economic power, business makeup and absence of alternative network mean that Aberdeen will be in a position to take full advantage of this transformational digital infrastructure. Alongside IFB, CityFibre is honoured to be able to add to the proud history of this city by building a modern digital infrastructure that will future proof Aberdeen, its businesses and residents for the next 100 years.”

By Pauline Rigby

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