Tektronix’s PatternPro™ PPG completes industry’s first programmable BERT system, with support for 40 Gb/s data rates

Created April 23, 2014
Technologies and Products

Tektronix, Inc. unveiled the industry’s first fully integrated 40 Gb/s Programmable Pattern Generator (PPG). The 40 Gb/s PPG, along with the previously announced 40 Gb/s Programmable Error Detector, now completes a 40 Gb/s BERT solution.  
With 200 fs Random Jitter (RJ) and 8 ps risetime performance, the new Tektronix PPG4001 delivers the performance and signal quality critical for serial data testing at 40 Gb/s. 

Design engineers developing high-speed data and long-haul communications technologies must test their SERDES, ICs, components, modules, and systems to ensure that they are working to specification.

Find out more: http://www.tek.com/document/news-release/tektronix-unveils-40-gb-s-high-performance-bert-datacom-long-haul-testing 


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