Yenista start OSA20 production

Created March 3, 2014
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After performing live demonstrations to introduce the product at ECOC last September, Yenista Optics has started production of the OSA20. A modern diffraction-grating based instrument, operating from 1250 to 1700 nm, it is the first of its kind to use a touch sensitive display, with multi-touch gesture control and has been designed for both R&D and manufacturing environments. Rapid scans of up to 2000 nm/s combined with a 20 pm wavelength resolution bandwidth, high performance monochromator and sampling every 2 pm, achieve very fast, ultra-precise spectral measurements. Accuracy is also excellent with ±20 pm wavelength accuracy over the C and L bands and ±0.4 dB power level accuracy.

The OSA20 has an extensive suite of built-in analysis modes and functions enabling rapid analysis for most common applications – channel analysis of DWDM signals, detailed analysis of single and multi-mode lasers, broadband sources, optical fibre amplifiers and passive optical components. The modern interface includes USB and gigabit Ethernet ports that allow integration into a broad range of test systems.

Yenista are exhibiting at OFC – Stand 3349

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