The new ModCon Mode Controller from Arden Photonics

Created March 3, 2014
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Introducing the NEW ModCon Mode Controller from Arden Photonics which has the same reliable performance but is smaller, lighter and costs less.

Use it to modify your LED or VCSEL light source to provide repeatable EF compliant launch conditions. By simply plugging in the ModCon into your light source you will be provided with a stable and consistent EF compliant output that meets IEC 62180-4-1.

Measurements of loss and bandwidth in multimode fibers are highly dependent on the modal condition of the light source used for the measurement.  These widely different modal characteristics between sources used in measuring fiber optic systems and networks result in a large and source dependent uncertainty in the accuracy of measurements.
The ModCon increases the accuracy of measurements, gives better agreement between test data sets and is a simple and certifiable method of complying with international standards.

Arden Photonics are exhibiting at OFC – Stand 2403

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