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Created March 3, 2014
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Any fibre management system (FMS) worth its weight in gold will follow three simple rules of proper fibre management. First, it needs to be fully accessible, enabling the end-user to access the connectors in a safe way, without disturbing neighbouring fibres. Secondly, it should ensure that fibre cables maintain proper bend radius when they enter and exit the fibre management enclosure. Thirdly, the FMS should have a compact design, small enough to maximise the use of valuable rack or wall space, but not too small where accessibility and proper bend radius are sacrificed. Additionally, an excellent FMS will also have the ability to be deployed in multiple applications and provide optimised routing paths for jumpers.

The Centrix™ platform is a high-density FMS that provides a balance of industry-leading density with up to 20% more jumper routing space and 50% more cable routing space compared to competitive solutions. It can be deployed in multiple applications including Central Office, Headend, FTTx and datacentres allowing customers to use one platform across multiple optical network applications. It also supports up to 4,320 LC or 2,880 SC connector ports per standard 7-ft frame/2200mm, and offers on-frame splicing without loss of connector count density or special splice housing interconnections.

The frame design provides optimised routing paths for jumpers, reducing the risk of pileup or entanglement. A single jumper length for an in-frame, cross connect network design reduces jumper inventory. At the heart of the platform is a single, modular cassette that can be tailored to include a variety of optical devices (splitter, WDM), providing flexibility and functionality within a single frame without sacrificing density. Each cassette contains up to either 24 SC or 36 LC connector adaptors, and a 4U housing holds 12 cassettes. Easy port access is possible due to a sliding cassette with drop-down handle.

The Centrix platform is available with both rear or front cable access. Front cable access allows back-to-back frame configurations or mounting against a wall. Both frame configurations save space through increased port density. For more information, please click here.
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