Clariphy samples a 200G-capable coherent ASIC 

Created March 12, 2014
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ClariPhy Communications has announced it is sampling the CL20010, a coherent merchant chip capable of 100 and 200-Gbps transmissions. 

The CL20010 is part of ClariPhy’s LightSpeed-II family of coherent digital signal processing ASICs (DSP-ASICs), manufactured using 28nm CMOS. “We believe it is the first 28nm standard product, and leaps ahead of the current generation devices,” said Paul Voois, co-founder and chief strategy officer at ClariPhy.

With the CL20010, Clariphy joins NTT Electronics (NEL) as a merchant supplier of high-speed coherent silicon. Clariphy says the LightSpeed-II devices will address metro, long-haul and submarine applications.

Using an advanced CMOS process enables greater on-chip integration. The CL20010 includes transmit and receive DSPs, soft-decision forward error correction, and mixed signal analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converters. The device also has an on-chip Optical Transport Network (OTN) framer/ mapper and a general-purpose processor for transport SDN.

The LightSpeed-II ICs support polarisation-multiplexed, bipolar phase-shift keying (PM-BPSK), quadrature phase-shift keying (PM-QPSK) and 16-quadrature amplitude modulation (PM-16-QAM). Using PM-16-QAM, the CL20010 achieves 200-Gbps transmission. “I believe that is also a first for merchant silicon,” Voois claimed.

Combining two LightSpeed-II devices enables a dual-carrier, 400G flexible-grid superchannel to be transmitted, occupying only 75GHz of fibre spectrum. The device can achieve a reach of 3,500km at 100G, and over 600km at 200G or 400G.

“Our committed customer base includes a nice spectrum of applications and integration types: OEMs and module vendors; metro, long haul and submarine,” said Voois.

General availability of the CL20010 is expected later this year. The company will demonstrate the CL20010 at OFC 2014 in San Francisco this week.

By Roy Rubenstein

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