APEX Technologies announce new ‘long pattern and PRBS pattern analysis’ Optical Complex Spectrum Analyser

Created March 3, 2014
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APEX Technologies have announced the launch of their AP264XB Optical Complex Spectrum Analyser (OCSA), which can be used as an optical modulation analyser and as an optical spectrum analyser. As an optical modulation analyser, it can measure chirp, phase, alpha parameter or pulse shape as a function of time. Furthermore, it can display constellation, phase eye diagram, intensity eye diagram, EVM and BER estimation. The new and unique feature of this equipment is its availability to measure any modulation format and any baud rate cycling signal modulated with a PRBS pattern or a long pattern. With a measurement speed of ~1 Hz, it can separately and simultaneously measure two polarization axes and analyse Pol-Mux modulated formats.

As an Optical Spectrum Analyser, with 125 times better wavelength resolution than the best standard grating based OCSA, the equipment combines high wavelength bandwidth resolution filter 0.16 pm (20 MHz), high wavelength accuracy +/- 3 pm and high dynamic range 83 dB. Two internal channels allow the measurement of both polarization axes simultaneously. The user can also operate this OCSA as an independent high performance tunable laser source, or as a component analyser to characterize any optical component.

Apex Technologies will be exhibiting at OFC – Stand 2202

Find out more: http://www.apex-t.com/optical-complex-spectrum-analyzer/


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