DANTE, Infinera claim provisioning speed record

Created June 19, 2013

DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe), the organisation that operates the pan-European GÉANT research and education network, says it installed and activated 2 Tbps of capacity and provisioned a 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GbE) service in less than 12 minutes combined.

The pan-European network operator used production DTN-X platforms from Infinera, which have been deployed on the GÉANT fibre-optic network backbone as part of a substantial upgrade that began  last year.
The Amsterdam-Frankfurt link was selected for the demonstration because this route is one of the busiest in Europe. The 671-km route included 10 spans and currently is in service carrying production traffic for the European national research and education (R&E) community. 
“When Infinera was involved in the procurement process for the GÉANT backbone they made a number of claims about their ability to turn up long-haul capacity very rapidly, and we decided to put those claims to the test,” said Michael Enrico, CTO of DANTE. “The fact is that critical science experiments across Europe are generating immense quantities of data that are often difficult to fit into a forecasting process, so this ability to turn up, or redirect long haul capacity in a matter of minutes will help us transform the service we offer to our national research and education network partners.”
The demonstration involved lighting up 2 Tbps of capacity over four 500-Gbps superchannels, and then provisioning a 100GbE service across the link. Infinera has released a time-lapse video of the provisioning process.
“This was a genuine test of our rapid provisioning capability, using real production equipment and software,” said Geoff Bennett, director of solutions and technology at Infinera. “If we had used conventional 100G transponders we would need a total of 40 of them – 20 at each end. But the Infinera 500G solution allows an engineer to provision up to five times as much capacity in a single operational cycle. Enabling our customers to use time as a weapon is a key value of coherent superchannels.”
By Pauline Rigby

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This article was written
by Pauline Rigby