Effdon Networks extends 100G CFP range to 80km

Created May 15, 2013
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Optical transceiver developer Effdon Networks has demonstrated a 100Gbps CFP module with an 80km reach, which it claims is an industry first. The start-up has also developed the Qbox, a one-rack unit (1RU) extended-reach platform capable of 400–800Gbps and an 80–200km reach.

The CFP is based on the 10×10 MSA. “We have managed to resolve the technology barriers – using several techniques – to get to 80km,” said Eitan Efron, CEO of Effdon Networks.  The start-up has not detailed how it has achieved 80km, but points to its designers’ systems background. “All the software that you need for managing WDM systems is in our device,” said Efron. “Basically we have built a system in a module.”  These system elements include component expertise and algorithmic know-how. 

Efron says that while there are alternative designs to achieve 100-Gbps transmission over distances of 80km or more, each has its challenges.

 A 100Gbps coherent design achieves a far greater reach than 80km but is costly and requires a power-hungry digital signal processing (DSP) chip. There are also CFP-based 100Gbps direct-detection designs based on a 4x28Gbps architecture, but 28-Gbps lanes experience greater dispersion that make it more challenging to achieve the 80km reach. 

MultiPhy offers its MP1100Q DSP chip to counter issues of dispersion, achieving a 55-km point-to-point reach. Finisar and Oclaro also offer 100-Gbps direct detection CFP modules for metro DWDM using duo-binary modulation but without a specialist receiver DSP.  Another company developing a 4x28Gbps direct detect module is Oplink Communications. 

But Effdon points out that its point-to-point CFP achieves 80km without requiring an external DWDM multiplexer and demultiplexer, amplification and dispersion compensation. 

The 80km CFP is suited for use on IP routers and data centre switches. “What they [data centre managers] want is what they have today at 10 Gig: ZR [80km] optical transceivers,” says Efron  

Samples of the CFP and Qbox are available for selected customers, and will be generally available in Q4 2013.

By Roy Rubenstein

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