OIF to address 400G long-haul modules and software-defined networking

Created February 13, 2013
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The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Physical and Link Layer Working Group has started work on a module interface implementation agreement for 400-Gbps long-haul transmission. Meanwhile, the OIF’s Carrier Working Group is being tasked with determining how software-defined networking (SDN) will impact the transport network.

“There is nothing in the standards market today to use as a starting point to support 400 Gig module solutions,” said Karl Gass of TriQuint Semiconductor and the Physical and Link Layer Working Group, Optical vice chair. “Definition of a 400-Gig long-haul module provides the industry with technology parameters for near-term component development and implementation strategies.”
Hans-Martin Foisel of Deutsche Telekom and chair of the OIF Carrier Working Group says SDN is of great interest to operators that view the emerging technology as a way of optimising all-IP networks that increasingly use data centres.
“Software-defined networking is an approach for optimising the network in a much larger sense than in the past,” said Foisel, in terms of processing, storage and transport. For example, content allocation becomes a new parameter for network optimisation.
The OIF Carrier Working Group will identify how SDN impacts the transport network including Layers 1 and 2, networking platforms and even components. By undertaking this work, the operators’ goal is to make SDN “carrier-grade”.
Foisel admits that at present the working group does not know whether the transport layer will be impacted by SDN. To answer the question, SDN applications will be used to identify required transport SDN functionalities. Once identified, a set of requirements will be drafted.  
“Using SDN use cases, we are trying to derive whether the transport network is ready or if there is some missing functionality,” said Foisel.
The OIF expects to have a first draft of the transport SDN requirements by July 2013.
By Roy Rubenstein

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