ECI Telecom’s Native Packet Transport targets the metro

Created December 10, 2012
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ECI Telecom has announced a new family of packet transport platforms for the metro. The Native Packet Transport (NPT) platforms aims to reduce the cost of operating packet networks while supporting traditional TDM traffic.

“Building carrier-grade packet transport is proving more costly than anticipated,” said Gil Epshtein, product market manager at ECI Telecom. “Yet the whole point of shifting to packet is to lower the [transport] cost-per-bit.”
Several packet control plane schemes can be used for the metro, including IP/MPLS or MPLS-TP. Based on total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis, ECI argues that the most cost-effective packet control plane scheme is MPLS-TP.
Working with market research company, ACG Research, the TCO analysis (opex and capex) over five years showed that using MPLS-TP was 55% lower than using IP/MPLS for metro packet transport with no TDM traffic.
The cost savings were even greater with both packet and some TDM traffic. Overall TCO is lowered by 65% using MPLS-TP and native TDM compared to IP/MPLS and circuit emulation.
Five NPT platforms have been unveiled ranging from the NPT-1020 for metro access to the NPT-1800 for the metro core. The NPT-1020 has a 10- or 50-Gbps packet switch capacity option and a TDM capacity of 2.5Gbps. The NPT-1800 has a packet switching capacity of 320 or 640 Gbps and 120 Gbps for TDM.
The metro aggregation NPT-1600 and 1600c (160G packet/120G TDM capacity) platforms are available now. The remaining platforms will be available in the first half of 2013.  
ECI says it has already completed several trials with existing and new customers.  ”We have already won a few deals,” said Epshtein.
The platforms are managed using ECI’s LightSoft software, the same network management system used for the Apollo (see ECI Telecom enhances packet optical transport).
By Roy Rubenstein

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