Infinera adds rapid bandwidth enablement to its DTN-X platform

Created November 19, 2012
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Infinera is claiming an industry first with the software-enablement of 100G capacity increments. 

The company has added features to its DTN-X platform that shortens the time to add new capacity in the network from weeks, as is common today, to less than a day.
Infinera has developed a DWDM line card that features its 500-Gbps super-channel photonic integrated circuit. The line card has 500Gbps of capacity enabled, of which 100Gbps only is activated initially. 
Using a software application, the remaining capacity can be activated in 100Gbps increments. The DTN-X’s Optical Transport Network (OTN) switch fabric is then used to pack client-side signals onto any of the 100-Gbps channels activated on the line side.  
“No other vendor has a software-based solution, and no one else is delivering 500 Gig yet either,” said analyst Eve Griliches, ACG Research’s vice president of optical networking.
Griliches says that with such a capability, operators can start to develop a flexible infrastructure where bandwidth can grow and move around the network instantly. This is useful to address varying demands in bandwidth, triggered by incidents such as natural disasters or sporting events.
“Having the ability to turn up large bandwidth is critical to our business, especially as the [traffic] numbers continue to grow,” said Ivo Pascucci, head of sales, Americas at TeliaSonera International Carrier, and the first announced US customer of the DTN-X.
The operator is seeing demand for 100G services, from the carrier market and large content providers. The operator already provides 10x10Gbps and 20x10Gbps services to customers. “With that there are all the challenges of provisioning 10 or 20, 10-Gig circuits and 10 or 20 crossconnects for each site,” said Pascucci. The use of one or two 100Gbps circuits instead will be far simpler to manage.
The operator is upgrading its US network with the DTN-X which will be completed by December. Deploying the DTN-X will expand the operator’s backbone capacity from 1.6 to 8Tbps.
By Roy Rubenstein
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