Pump laser packaging gets a makeover

Created October 9, 2012
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Oclaro and 3SPGroup, the former Alcatel Optronics, have established a new multi-source agreement (MSA) industry standard for pump laser packaging. The new MSA delivers a 70% reduction in size compared to legacy formats on the market.

The current standard for pump laser packaging is based on a 14-pin format that has changed little over the last 15 years, according to Oclaro.  The new industry standard will enable customers to design amplifiers using pump laser devices in a compact 10-pin butterfly package that is approximately 30% the size of the legacy 14-pin format. 
The driving force for smaller form factors is the next-generation of reconfigurable networks. There will be a need for amplifier arrays integrated on line cards to compensate for the optical losses of the switching nodes (see JDSU: Next-generation ROADM networks need new components).
By offering compatibility with the MSA, Oclaro and 3SPGroup can ensure the next generation of pump lasers meet a defined and agreed mechanical outline, footprint and electrical pin-out.   This is extremely important to amplifier customers who would otherwise have to deal with different formats and form factors from their suppliers, the companies say.
“Lower-cost and space-efficient optical amplification with potentially higher component density is critical to implementing complex network solutions,” said Simon Loten, director of product management at Oclaro.  ”Customers are looking for ways to reduce form factors and they also want to standardize on one format for all their needs — whether that be cooled and uncooled pump products or multi chip devices. This new MSA represents a significant advancement in the pump laser industry.”
By Pauline Rigby

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